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Because alkaline water has a higher pH level than does plain tap water, proponents say that it can neutralize acid in your bloodstream, boost your metabolism and help your body absorb nutrients more effectively. Some even say that alkaline water can help prevent disease and slow the aging process.

Truly Purified

Truly Purified

At Zoé Water, the water is run through state-of-the-art purifcation processes, where we r e m ove absolutely every particle that is not H2O, giving us perfectly pure water. Only then, do we add all the necessary minerals and make the water alkaline. Most bottled waters go through a simple fltering process and then chlorine is added to them in an attempt to purify it.

Free  of Chlorine and Fluoride

Free of Chlorine and Fluoride

With Zoé Water, you will ALWAYS have extraordinary water, completely pure, free of chlorine and fuoride, with the necessary minerals for correct hydration and always with the pH level completely stable.

Zoé Water has an   ORP of -130 and   Zoé Water Sport has an   ORP of -200

Zoé Water has an ORP of -130 and Zoé Water Sport has an ORP of -200

ORP stands for Oxidation* Reduction Potential. ORP is the unit of measurement that measures how oxidizing a liquid is.This means that Zoé Water is an ANTIOXIDANT, which helps prevent the aging and the oxidation of cells.

JM Zoé Water Club Customer


This water is truly light!

FM Zoé Water Club Customer

I couldn’t drink water until I discovered Zoé Water.

CA Zoé Water Club Customer

It doesn’t make me feel heavy.

OLP Zoé Water Club Customer


I never could drink a liter of water and don't even feel it. It is so light, you have to try and find out for yourself. I was very very surprised.